Winners of the 2010 Angola Kempo Karate Tournament's Blackbelt Team Division.  Representing the Grand Master's School of Kempo Karate.

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The Goal of C.A.M.A.

-Improve coordination
-Improve decision making skills under stressful situations
-Teach effective Self Defense for all ages and abilities
-To develop and nourish an all around feeling of pride that will last a lifetime.

Our Instructing Philosophy
 As instructors we maintain a very simple philosophy towards training: 
1)Train hard with the students don't just yell orders at them.
2)Be a positive influence.
3)Don't degrade any student for any reason.
4)Keep it fun!

Shorinji Kempo Philosophy

Body and Mind are the same

Shorinji Kempo addresses the needs of both mind and body to ensure overall development of its students.

The body and mind are not separate and it is not possible for one to exist, maintain itself or have value without the other. A person can not achieve their full potential through only physical training, nor can they achieve peace of mind or spiritual awakening through only mental or spiritual training. It is therefore essential to train both physically and spiritually, only then can a person develop themselves to achieve their full potential.

Defense before attack

This principle is important first for its spiritual value and only second for technical reasons. Shorinji Kempo is an art of self defense not offense, this principle is important as a part of a student's mental attitude, and also during technical training as Shorinji Kempo is a method based on counter attacks. The reasoning and advantages of this becomes clear when training with others at a Dojo.

Shorinji Kempo students are forbidden to strike the first blow, they are taught to use their art as a last resort for self defense, only if no other option is available.